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Erin Hanson transforms desert landscape into an abstract mosaic

Hanging precariously and horizontally from red sandstone, fifty feet above the ground, may not seem like it would inspire the creation of beautiful oil paintings, but that is exactly what happened with Erin Hanson. After a lifetime of experimenting in different styles and mediums, it wasn’t until Hanson moved to the outskirts of Las Vegas to climb at Red Rock Canyon that her painting style was consolidated by a single inspiration and force of nature.

i’ve applied to three summer jobs so far and have a bunch more that i need to apply for oh god i just really need to get a more regular job this summer because i need to save up money and three days a week just didn’t cut it last summer



where did this myth of the teenage temptress who lies about their age to seduce the older man come from?

grown men who dont want to take responsibility for their actions and like to place the blame on the most relevant easy target probably